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Saturday, February 8, 2020

It's been a long time since I've been here, that's because I've been working on some major things! My last post revealed that I was gifted a tool to help me follow my dream - a MacBook. Well, I most certainly have followed it... I am now live on YouTube!
Here is my channel!
If you've enjoyed my blog, you will love my channel! It's still just going to be me, being real and honest, and creating things I like. Basically my blog, but in a more liquid state?
I just want to get raw here...
I created this blog during a time where I was feeling a bit lonely and uncertain, I was raising children in Seattle where I knew not even a handful of people, I wasn't crazy about the weather and our neighborhood, and I had a lot of sunshine inside of me but didn't experience much outside.
It can be lonely staying home, and even lonlier not having many of 'your people' around, so in desperation to have an outlet where I can feel like 'here's my place, here's my people'... I created this place. This thing where I can create stories and tutorials and fill the spaces with happiness and sunshine. And I did. And you guys liked it! I can see the analytics and they amazed me. Just watching my blog grow and grow, I knew maybe I was being heard, maybe my little bubble here was pretty neat to other people too! Thank you to everyone who stopped by, who left comments, who send me messages, you guys made my heart swoon and gave me a sense of belonging.
I am not done, I am just going to work in a new space with new tools, but I'll still be pumping out the same Adrienne-isms that you guys have supported all along.
Thank you for encouraging me to keep going, thank you for making me feel like no matter what the outside world was doing, I had a place that I could go. Here.
I love you all, now head to my YouTube channel and subscribe so we never part <3

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