MacBook Pro Under The Tree

Friday, December 27, 2019

I remember when I was a little girl, my Dad was really fascinated by the sweep of technology that was occurring, the beginning of the Age of Technology. He tried to keep up with the latest PC and software, and I found myself enthralled by it all, too. I knew Windows ’97 like the back of my hand, I would spend hours on the computer learning the system. In middle school, I was using HTML to design my AOL Homepage, this was way back in the 90’s when not many people knew how to code. 
In high school I took Graphic Arts class, where we were allowed to work on a Macintosh, it was like exploring another world, a whole new planet to learn, and eventually I could skillfully use a Mac. 
Fast forward to adulthood, it wasn’t at all surprising that I fell in love with a tech nerd, we both love geeking out on electronics, and still do actually. 
Over the years, motherhood became my priority, and I settled nicely with a Chromebook to do my online tasks, but after launching this blog and seeing its traffic take off over the last year, I decided I wanted to switch platforms and begin creating Youtube videos. The online video editors were just not working for me, but my dream of creating YouTube content persisted, and on Christmas morning, my husband had a 16” MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro + under the tree for me.
Opening this MacBook, my first real Apple product, was intimidating, but the fiery passion within me that wants to create is so much louder than that… and after a mere 24 hours with my new device, I have fallen in love with computers all over again. I love my MacBook, I love that my husband believes in me so much that he invested this heavily into my dreams, and I love that I am taking on a new journey at age 34. Never settle, never give up on your passions, never think you can’t change direction as an adult… nothing is permanent, let the fire inside your heart lead you and you will go far.

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  1. So happy for you and can’t wait to see what you do with your new gorgeous MacBook !!!!!


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