First Day of Preschool!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

So in the past couple of months or so, Ava has expressed great interest in other kids, anytime I take her to the park she is a little chatterbox and wants to play with other kiddos, and although I can nurture her and love her at home, one thing I cannot do is provide a social environment, and toddlers thrive on being social, they learn so much! So I played around with the idea of enrolling her in a preschool, my heart wanted to hang on, but after a lot of thought and wrestling with the idea, I knew a few hours a week of social time would be so beneficial for her. I went on a journey of finding the perfect preschool, scoured reviews and toured the facility, and eventually I enrolled her.
Here she is on her first day of preschool, with her sweet bunny backpack that SHE picked out!
I picked her up on her First Day, and I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't know if she had missed me, or would be upset that I left her there... well, it was nothing like that! She was so happy and talkative, and get this - she was singing a new song all the way home! I am just so happy that she loves preschool, and I can already tell she's getting a lot out of it. On her third day, she walked into the classroom and other kids were cheering that she'd arrived! It made my mommy-heart so happy.
With Ava going to preschool a few hours a week, I have pondered what I want to do with that "free time", and decided this would be a wonderful time for me to begin the steps towards a career. I am so proud to announce I am now enrolled in Texas Real Estate School! I was a licensed real estate broker in Washington State, but state laws all differ, so I kind of have to start over in Texas. The month I got my real estate license in Washington, I became pregnant with Ava, and oh my goodness, I wanted a baby so bad, so I totally pressed pause on real estate to cherish each moment with baby Ava. It's truly incredible how quickly time can pass by when you are trying to soak in the moments, I remember being pregnant with Ava like it was yesterday, and now she's two and a half.
Time slow down!
So life is busy, in a good way, the house is coming along nicely, I will update with some pictures soon! I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families, we are still living in an apartment while the house is being built, so it feels far from festive, but I know next year I will be having a ball in the new house! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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