First Day of Preschool!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

So in the past couple of months or so, Ava has expressed great interest in other kids, anytime I take her to the park she is a little chatterbox and wants to play with other kiddos, and although I can nurture her and love her at home, one thing I cannot do is provide a social environment, and toddlers thrive on being social, they learn so much! So I played around with the idea of enrolling her in a preschool, my heart wanted to hang on, but after a lot of thought and wrestling with the idea, I knew a few hours a week of social time would be so beneficial for her. I went on a journey of finding the perfect preschool, scoured reviews and toured the facility, and eventually I enrolled her.
Here she is on her first day of preschool, with her sweet bunny backpack that SHE picked out!
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