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Thursday, October 3, 2019

I see so many people online ANGRY.
Angry about politics. Angry about bans. Angry about rights. Angry about whoever is in office this year. Angry about whoever was in office last term. Angry about religion. Angry about this, about that.
In 10 years, that 'thing' you're hung up will NOT matter.
When you're living your final few years of life, you will not think fondly of those hate-fueled comments you made, or that political spew you spouted to your friends... those negative moments will sink into the depths of your memories and be forever gone, like a sunken ship that never wants to be found.
Instead, you will look back on the times that brought you forward, the moments that gave you joy and peace. You'll recall those Summer sunsets that took your breath away, you will recall the way your person looked into your eyes the night you fell in love, you'll remember the way your baby's hair smelled when she laid on your chest, and the way the ocean sounded when you walked its shore.
You won't think about the hate. It wasn't important.
So why waste another moment on it?
Create the moments of happy, moments you'll want to hold onto forever.

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