Stepping Stone Apartment

Monday, September 23, 2019

We are settling into our new life here in Texas, and have so much going on right now! Our month-long hotel "vacation" has now transitioned into a 7-month lease at an apartment, I certainly never thought we'd be living in an apartment again, but it's a stepping stone to get us to the final destination-- WE'RE BUILDING A NEW HOUSE!!! Speaking of, we've officially completed all of the design appointments for our new house, and get this, the foundation has already started!

What a gloriously gorgeous view we have. I am just in LOVE.
In the meantime, school has begun and both the girls are busy with school & activities... aka, so am I!
Delilah had begun 3rd grade, which blows my mind that she's already a 3rd grader!
Her teacher is absolutely phenomenal and so is her school, there is such a strong, tight-knit wholesome community feel that her Washington schools were lacking. All the kids walk to school, the PTA is outstanding, the Moms are supportive and involved, the schools are run like a well-oiled machine, it's an American dream... how fortunate we are to send our kids to some of Austin's best schools. We actually chose our neighborhood based on school ratings, and when we saw the ratings for her school, I was determined to buy there!
Delilah also started Spanish this week as an extracurricular activity, she loves it very mucho! I took 2 semesters of Spanish in high school and can still converse a bit, so we are practicing together and it's honestly so fun, we laugh and giggle as we try to navigate through a new language with one another. I wanted to "push" her to get involved in sports or team activities, but Ryan suggested we let her do what she feels passionate about, and I couldn't agree more-- I've never seen my daughter this happy before. She loves living near family, she loves her new school, and she's getting to do the activities that SHE chose.
(Excuse the crazy looking shirt, she was wearing a top with the name of her school and I didn't want that published online. Obviously I'm amazing at photo-editing!)
Little Ms.Ava has been busy, too! We are focusing on colors, shapes, and common words these days, as well as plenty of fun playtime... and swim-time! Oh, did I mention our temporary apartment has not one, but TWO swimming pools? Uhhh yeah, we've doing a whole lotta that!
 She's also a little firecracker in gymnastics class, this girl is going places!
I have really been focusing on being the most present and "in the moment" Mom I can possibly be. I have tried to plan activities from the moment our day starts until we both need an afternoon break, and then when Ryan gets home, we resume with family activities. I absolutely love our lifestyle here in Texas, the weather makes it so easy to get outside and have fun! Walks, swimming playgrounds, evening strolls, morning jogs, splash pads... not the mention there are sidewalks and trails everywhere! I can literally pack my jogging stroller with snacks & drinks and set off and explore for hours! That is one major thing I couldn't stand in Seattle-- we were kind of locked indoors. Our neighborhood had no sidewalks, our road had no sidewalks, and if I packed the stroller into the car and drove somewhere, it was pretty yuck weather about 90% of the year. Just, no. Nope. Can't do it. I am SO in love with Texas, ya'll!

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