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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We are in the midst of doing some major renovating of our home, and last week we tackled the master bathroom. After all was said and done, I began placing all my typical bathroom items back into the room... including the scale.
The scale and I have always had issues (okay, it's me who has the issues, the scale is merely the messenger!). 
Anyway, yesterday morning I hopped on the scale just to see what things were looking like, as I had been busy for a for weeks with home improvement projects. I was up a whopping 8 pounds! Eight whole pounds in 15 days, that's a really big deal. This put me out of 'normal BMI' and into 'obese'. 
All day, I felt huge. I kept telling myself how I need to watch everything that went in my mouth, I went grocery shopping and just assumed people thought I was huge, I felt unattractive, I felt lazy, I just felt like I went from something to nothing.
This morning, as I was getting ready, I realized the scale was on a tilted tile. I adjusted the scale so it was flat, and hopped on to see what happened... to my surprise, my weight magically was back to 'normal BMI', in fact it was the same exact weight I was at 2 weeks ago, to the very pound!
What a difference that made for my day! I was practically glowing all day, I felt like I could wear cuter clothes, I didn't emotionally binge on food, I felt lighter and more fit, I showed way more forwardness and affection towards my husband as my confidence soared, I had a great day. And then I realized...
What a drastic difference that one little number made.
That scale told me one thing, and it affected my whole entire day.
One thing.
Now imagine what my brain tells me all day, and how it can affect my entire day.
One little message and it can make or break my day.
"You're huge."
"She looks so much more fit than you."
"Your skin is so problematic."
Those small messages get pumped to my self esteem all day long, and by the end of the day I feel so beaten up... except, it's ME doing the beating!
Imagine what my day would be like if I told myself positive messages.
"You were so patient this morning with the kids."
"Your hard work on the yard is really paying off, it's looks great!"
"Great job eating healthy today!"
What an impact our thoughts have on us, they can make all the difference, can't they?
That little message the scale impacted my entire day, and the same goes with the messages we're telling ourselves...
What is your scale telling you?
Remember how much those tiny messages you tell yourself can affect your life, make sure they're helpful and tell you how much you're worth! 

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