ipsy Glam Bag Review: May 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good morning everyone!
I've had a lot of things going on in my life right now, all very good things... but I've had to spend the month of May waiting for news, and oh my goodness is waiting a tough game! The news could potentially be live changing, so I feel a little "stuck" as I wait. I'll explain more later. I said that I was going to work on house projects while I wait, but the weather has been absolutely phenomenal, and after being trapped inside all winter... I took complete advantage of the beautiful sunshine and have spent every day outside for 2 weeks! Alas, the rain and overcast is back, and I promised myself I would at least make a couple of blog posts on these rainy days, and funny enough, my ipsy bag arrived yesterday, so let's do this!
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup
First of all, the bag itself is it so fun and sparkly, I love the colorful glitter, and it's a lot softer than you would imagine a glitter bag to be.
Alrighty, so I have nail polish by Pretty Woman, it's absolutely gorgeous! The packaging on this bottle looks filthy, but upon further investigation, I think they're trying to make it look like marble, except with brown, it's just a little weird. Okay, truthfully, I was a little disappointed that it was nail polish because I like to get my nails done at the salon so I rarely use polish, but not gonna lie... This polish is stunning! I actually have lavender nails with glitter right now, that's how much I am digging this color. Really cute, I usually paint my toenails myself, so I will definitely be using the purple glitter polish on my toes.
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup
Yayyy! I got a benefit mascara!! I have been needing a new mascara as my good old fashioned Maybelline one is losing its luster. We love a good Benefit product, and mascara was in my top three "need" list, this one will get a ton of use!
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup
Oh my goodness I got a R+Co product! My hairstylist uses this company, they are becoming quite popular. I love their packaging, they're so modern looking. So this is an R&Co hair lotion, which I love these little travel-size lotions, because I keep them in my car and will use them if I'm at a red light or what not. This one has a rather strong scent, it's your typical beauty lotion set, nothing really special about it.
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup
(edit: so I was a total blonde and used this as actual hand lotion lol! Not even gonna go there, my bad! This is obviously meant for your HAIR, you would think me mentioning that my hair stylist using this would make some wires in my head light up, nope, still rubbed it all over my arms! haha). This is great stuff, perfect for those hot summer crazy hair days!
And last but not least I have a lip color by Estate. It looks like this is a cruelty free and paraben-free product, which is awesome. I got the shade Drip, it's a beautiful classic pretty pink, although, this is a gloss, not really a color, just a slight tint. I'm actually happy I got a glass, it's been a while since I received one in my ipsy bags, and I'll probably keep this one in my car as well. I have been steering away from bold lips since Spring emerged, and a light lip gloss is just what I'm starting to prefer!
So that's what I got in this month's ipsy bag! I actually really needed mascara and I think the nail polish is really pretty, I actually just decluttered my nail polish collection, so this was a nice way to add a polish option to my stash.
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup

Edit #2!
Okay you guys, so I had to come back here because I found one more item that was in the envelope of my ipsy package! They do this sometimes when an item is too large to put in the actual glam bag, they'll slide it right into the actual mail packaging... and I'm always thrilled to find it because it's always something really good! Goodness gracious I freaking love this item, this is a glitter rainbow brush, it looks like it would be perfect for blending eyeshadow, or even highlight. Not to be dramatic (hah), but this is absolutely hands down my new favorite brush. It is made my SLMISSGLAM and the brush is #SS57. I'm absolutely thrilled by this cute brush, it is my new favorite!
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup
And now I'm done! Promise!
On a side note:
I have been thinking about creating a category in my blog where I talk about personal things that happen in my life, separate from my tutorials and reviews and DIYs. What do you guys think about me creating a personal blog space on my site, so if you want to know about what's going on in my personal life, there will be a section for that? I feel like there's always something going on, there's always something to celebrate, we're always trying to do big things, but I don't really have a place to talk about that other than my personal social media (which many of you don't have access to). Just a little thought! I'd love to open up and share about the adventures we go on, I'm just trying to figure out if I want to turn my blog into a personal journey as well. Let me know your feedback!
If you prefer to send a private message, or would possibly like to work together, feel free to contact me!

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