ipsy Glam Bag Review for March 2019!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Welcome my sweet sunshines! It has been so long since I updated, as I wrote in my last post, life has never been so busy... I'm a mom during the week, and then I work during the weekend, and on top of all that we may or may not have exciting news coming up (no I'm not pregnant!) which has kept us on our toes! Though we will not know for sure until the end of the month, but fingers crossed, if this does work out, it will be life changing! We'll see how things pan out... I will keep you updated.
I'm going to be opening up my March ipsy bag and reviewing the products for you guys, these reviews are a big hit on my blog, so I wanted to give you some fresher things to see. I will be writing as I open up each product, so you will get my initial reaction for each one, and then I will go back after using the products to let you know what I did and didn't like.
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First of all, when I pulled out this rose gold bag and read "and off she went to change the world" I froze and felt like it was speaking to me, I mean, isn't everything? I swear sometimes I feel like that weirdo that thinks like everything is a sign speaking to her! Anyway, not only did this bag hit me right where it's supposed to, but the zipper is a star (which are super meaningful to me, I'll save that for another day), and I totally feel like this bag was meant for me regarding a dream I have for myself. Anyway!
makeup bag star ipsy
Okay so first up we have an eye shadow by IBY Beauty in the color headliner (funny enough, I'm going to see a band tonight, and the headliner is the only band I care about seeing hah!).
eye shadow
Although this eye shadow feels extremely nice and smooth and buttery, the color is, well... boring. I have about 20 different browns this shade and I've been a little adventurous with color these days, so I'm not sure if I'll be using this, but I'll try to give it a shot!
Okay next up we have a Realher I Am Adaptable matte liquid lipstick.

lipstick i am adaptable red lip
I've never heard of this brand, so I'm super eager to try it. This shade is mega red, it's absolutely gorgeous, I love a nice bold shade, and this one hits the spot.
Hallelujah for skin care! Skincare products & I are like BFFs.

purlisse body butter coconut oil cranberry skincare makeup beauty guru
I just pulled out a coconut oil and cranberry body butter by purlisse, my dry skin cannot get enough moisturizer, I needed this! This stuff is quite hydrating, although they had the potential to make the smell yummy with the cranberry & coconut, but it smells like a regular over the counter lotion. Luckily it doesn't leave a greasy feeling, it feels super clean and fresh. I like this a lot and it will replace the lotion I keep in my purse (does everyone have a purse lotion or is that just me?). Yay!
Upppp next!
Morphe bronzer contour makeup beauty guru ipsy review brush
Hello, Morphe, so we meet again. I was not expecting to find my good friend Morphe in this month's bag, but it's always a pleasure to see her. You guys, Morphe is on firrrrre these days, is anyone else obsessed with that brand? From the Jeffree Star brush line, to James Charles' palette, to that must-have Jacklyn Hill palette... love me some Morphe! So this is the morphine bronzer in the tone enemy, it's highly pigmented and just what this pale-skin needs with Spring around the corner!
And lastly I have the cutest little pan of highlighter from PUR.

highlighter powder makeup beauty guru ipsy
This product is called skin perfecting powder afterglow, and I swear to God it smells like fresh baked sugar cookies, my 3:00 sweet tooth is starting to roll around and I'm trying my best to not eat this. I seriously love when makeup companies make their products smell good (looking at you, Too Faced!). This powder definitely has an illuminating effect, even though I prefer liquid highlighters because of my skin type, I think this highlighting powder is so yummy smelling that I will definitely be using it this week!
Alrighty, that was fun!
That's it for my ipsy review bag for March 2019, I think I got a couple of cute things in here... the Morphe bronzer is, in my opinion, a full sized product, which basically just paid itself off in one bag! Plus, girl, you can't get enough skin care products, so I'm grateful for the body butter, that bold red lipstick has me feeling snatched, and this yummy smelling highlighter is about to gave me go grab a cookie! The eye shadow pigment was a little underwhelming but that's only because I think I have about 40 different shades of this color and, frankly, I'm over it!

I think this month's bag was super fun and my favorite favorite favorite part was the bag itself, I sometimes sound totally crazy saying things like this, but I really feel like this bag serves a purpose in my life and inspired me to chase a dream that I've had for a very long time. I have a lot going on in my life, all of it is very very very good, and hopefully I will have some news for you the last week of March.
Thank you all so much for visiting and I hope you had an incredible St Patrick's Day... my family does a traditional St Patrick's Day dinner, where we go to the same restaurant each year and take an identical photo, you can see each of us grow every year, it's a really cute tradition! I'll share our tradition on here for you all.

Xoxo Adrienne

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