MacBook Pro Under The Tree

Friday, December 27, 2019

I remember when I was a little girl, my Dad was really fascinated by the sweep of technology that was occurring, the beginning of the Age of Technology. He tried to keep up with the latest PC and software, and I found myself enthralled by it all, too. I knew Windows ’97 like the back of my hand, I would spend hours on the computer learning the system. In middle school, I was using HTML to design my AOL Homepage, this was way back in the 90’s when not many people knew how to code. 
In high school I took Graphic Arts class, where we were allowed to work on a Macintosh, it was like exploring another world, a whole new planet to learn, and eventually I could skillfully use a Mac. 
Fast forward to adulthood, it wasn’t at all surprising that I fell in love with a tech nerd, we both love geeking out on electronics, and still do actually. 
Over the years, motherhood became my priority, and I settled nicely with a Chromebook to do my online tasks, but after launching this blog and seeing its traffic take off over the last year, I decided I wanted to switch platforms and begin creating Youtube videos. The online video editors were just not working for me, but my dream of creating YouTube content persisted, and on Christmas morning, my husband had a 16” MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro + under the tree for me.
Opening this MacBook, my first real Apple product, was intimidating, but the fiery passion within me that wants to create is so much louder than that… and after a mere 24 hours with my new device, I have fallen in love with computers all over again. I love my MacBook, I love that my husband believes in me so much that he invested this heavily into my dreams, and I love that I am taking on a new journey at age 34. Never settle, never give up on your passions, never think you can’t change direction as an adult… nothing is permanent, let the fire inside your heart lead you and you will go far.

First Day of Preschool!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

So in the past couple of months or so, Ava has expressed great interest in other kids, anytime I take her to the park she is a little chatterbox and wants to play with other kiddos, and although I can nurture her and love her at home, one thing I cannot do is provide a social environment, and toddlers thrive on being social, they learn so much! So I played around with the idea of enrolling her in a preschool, my heart wanted to hang on, but after a lot of thought and wrestling with the idea, I knew a few hours a week of social time would be so beneficial for her. I went on a journey of finding the perfect preschool, scoured reviews and toured the facility, and eventually I enrolled her.
Here she is on her first day of preschool, with her sweet bunny backpack that SHE picked out!

Just A Passing Thought...

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I see so many people online ANGRY.
Angry about politics. Angry about bans. Angry about rights. Angry about whoever is in office this year. Angry about whoever was in office last term. Angry about religion. Angry about this, about that.
In 10 years, that 'thing' you're hung up will NOT matter.
When you're living your final few years of life, you will not think fondly of those hate-fueled comments you made, or that political spew you spouted to your friends... those negative moments will sink into the depths of your memories and be forever gone, like a sunken ship that never wants to be found.
Instead, you will look back on the times that brought you forward, the moments that gave you joy and peace. You'll recall those Summer sunsets that took your breath away, you will recall the way your person looked into your eyes the night you fell in love, you'll remember the way your baby's hair smelled when she laid on your chest, and the way the ocean sounded when you walked its shore.
You won't think about the hate. It wasn't important.
So why waste another moment on it?
Create the moments of happy, moments you'll want to hold onto forever.

Stepping Stone Apartment

Monday, September 23, 2019

We are settling into our new life here in Texas, and have so much going on right now! Our month-long hotel "vacation" has now transitioned into a 7-month lease at an apartment, I certainly never thought we'd be living in an apartment again, but it's a stepping stone to get us to the final destination-- WE'RE BUILDING A NEW HOUSE!!! Speaking of, we've officially completed all of the design appointments for our new house, and get this, the foundation has already started!

What a gloriously gorgeous view we have. I am just in LOVE.
In the meantime, school has begun and both the girls are busy with school & activities... aka, so am I!
Delilah had begun 3rd grade, which blows my mind that she's already a 3rd grader!
Her teacher is absolutely phenomenal and so is her school, there is such a strong, tight-knit wholesome community feel that her Washington schools were lacking. All the kids walk to school, the PTA is outstanding, the Moms are supportive and involved, the schools are run like a well-oiled machine, it's an American dream... how fortunate we are to send our kids to some of Austin's best schools. We actually chose our neighborhood based on school ratings, and when we saw the ratings for her school, I was determined to buy there!
Delilah also started Spanish this week as an extracurricular activity, she loves it very mucho! I took 2 semesters of Spanish in high school and can still converse a bit, so we are practicing together and it's honestly so fun, we laugh and giggle as we try to navigate through a new language with one another. I wanted to "push" her to get involved in sports or team activities, but Ryan suggested we let her do what she feels passionate about, and I couldn't agree more-- I've never seen my daughter this happy before. She loves living near family, she loves her new school, and she's getting to do the activities that SHE chose.
(Excuse the crazy looking shirt, she was wearing a top with the name of her school and I didn't want that published online. Obviously I'm amazing at photo-editing!)
Little Ms.Ava has been busy, too! We are focusing on colors, shapes, and common words these days, as well as plenty of fun playtime... and swim-time! Oh, did I mention our temporary apartment has not one, but TWO swimming pools? Uhhh yeah, we've doing a whole lotta that!
 She's also a little firecracker in gymnastics class, this girl is going places!
I have really been focusing on being the most present and "in the moment" Mom I can possibly be. I have tried to plan activities from the moment our day starts until we both need an afternoon break, and then when Ryan gets home, we resume with family activities. I absolutely love our lifestyle here in Texas, the weather makes it so easy to get outside and have fun! Walks, swimming playgrounds, evening strolls, morning jogs, splash pads... not the mention there are sidewalks and trails everywhere! I can literally pack my jogging stroller with snacks & drinks and set off and explore for hours! That is one major thing I couldn't stand in Seattle-- we were kind of locked indoors. Our neighborhood had no sidewalks, our road had no sidewalks, and if I packed the stroller into the car and drove somewhere, it was pretty yuck weather about 90% of the year. Just, no. Nope. Can't do it. I am SO in love with Texas, ya'll!

New Chapter, page 1

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Hello, from a hotel room that we've booked for a whopping 30 days! Life is complete chaos right now. And let me tell you, having 'elite status' in a hotel with a gym, both an indoor and outdoor pool, free breakfast AND dinner, access to a special VIP ONLY lounge, AND daily maid service... I am living for this.
Not only have we began settling into our new home of Austin Texas, we have chosen land to build a house on!
This is us at street level on nearly an acre of land with huge Oak trees... what you can't see behind us is a view as far as the eye can see, up until the sky meets the Earth.
Now, imagine a 12 foot slab of foundation and TWO floors of house on top of that... then imagine that view.
Basically, we hit the jackpot finding our dream home!
So we have been tediously designing, redesigning, and redesigning again the home we will raise our children in. How much square footage do we need after living in a 2500sqft home? We opted for TWICE as much. Yes, I'm completely insane and will be needing a maid. I have to say, as fun as it is to design a house, it is a tad overwhelming because you need to choose one you'll love now with kids, and also 20 years from now. After cleaning the slating over and over, we narrowed down our selection...
And as of yesterday- we have a floor-plan!
This upcoming Saturday, Ryan & I will go to a home design studio where we'll choose the little fun details... like back-splash, tile, counter-tops, and flooring. Needless to say, I've been Pinterest'ing like a Mom who just realized tomorrow is her kid's class party and she signed up to make a snack!
Should I go with white cabinets & black granite? Gray cabinets & marble? White cabinets & gray granite with contrasting back-splash? So many options!
This is all new to us, we have never built a home before and so each step is a brand new experience for us... and boy have we learned a lot! What a difference it makes to actually walk into a house and see the floor plan, versus trying to imagine it via blue prints. Had there not been a similar home previously built that I could tour, I would not have chosen the floor plan I chose... and let me tell you, it's a showstopper! I cannot wait to share it with you guys!
My master plan was to create a YouTube channel as we did this, but I have to say-- with an 8 year old, a toddler, 90% of my belongings in storage, and a complete whirlwind of deadlines and contracts and appointments... I don't think it's plausible for me to start a channel during all of this. Momma is a mess.
We have a hotel room until mid-August, then we are moving into an apartment by Delilah's school until the house is ready, which will be right around the time of my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!
Although this is only a few short paragraphs about our journey, realistically, this process was extremely in depth and took a tremendous amount of research and time to get to this point.
I first did intense research on the areas of Austin that I'd like to live, it was important to me that I'm proud of where I live. I chose a highly-desirable, and highly reputable community with an upstanding reputation, top-notch schools, and plenty of amenities. The neighborhood I chose includes homes from one of the most sought-after builders in Texas, and has just an overall 'charming wow-factor' with big beautiful homes in a clean and safe area. The neighborhood not only has a wooded communal area with a playground, but it has a park across the street with a creekside trail that goes on for miles, plus sidewalks, gazebos, and tons of kids. It's so important to do your research before building, get out on foot, talk to people, walk around, ask questions... your home is not only going to be your 'safe place', where you can rest and relax in privacy, but it's also an investment. Do your homework!
We have so much to do in the next upcoming weeks, but it's all fun stuff! I mean, isn't most color-picking and carpet-choosing the best part? You guys, of all people, know how much I am loving this part of the process.
Cheers to our new home, our new chapter, a fresh start, great neighbors, great childhoods, a wholesome household, and the new life!

Dainty Plant + Floral Minimalist Tattoos

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

So last April, I flew to Los Angeles and got a minimalist palm tree tattoo...
Small Dainty Minimalist Tattoo Ideas Inspo Palm Tree california

It totally unleashed that 'tattoo fever' feeling, where you just need another.
I am seriously considering getting something else in the plant family, maybe something soft and feminine. As I flip through ideas, I thought I'd share some of my favorites. 

Turn Your Headband Bows Into Clip-On Bows

Monday, August 26, 2019

Hey Mamas! This is a follow-up from my last post when I told you how to organize all your baby bows.
So, there's this phase of being a girl Mom where you become totally obsessed with bows, and then those precious newborns begin growing, leaving you stuck with all these tiny headbands that are too tight on that noggin'! So I came up with a solution to transform those adorable headbands into clip-on bows, so she can still wear her bows for years to come.
How To Turn Nylon Headband Bows Into Clip In On Bows Tutorial little poppy baby newborn girl

DIY Bow Organizer - Organize Your Bows For Under $10!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Hey Mamas! It's been awhile since I shared a fun & easy DIY, so today you're in for a treat!
Today, I'm going to show you how to transform that stash of bows + headbands into a cute and tidy space. I have seen so many bow organizers in my bout of mom-hood, but I never found one that I thought was both practical and cute, so, well... I designed my own!
Bow Headband Hairbow Wall Organizer DIY Tutorial baby girl how to bows Little Poppy


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hey guys! I have decided to create a section of my blog dedicated to my personal life! For those interested in my story, this is for you!
We have some BIG things happening and this will be where I share everything!

Thought of the Day

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We are in the midst of doing some major renovating of our home, and last week we tackled the master bathroom. After all was said and done, I began placing all my typical bathroom items back into the room... including the scale.
The scale and I have always had issues (okay, it's me who has the issues, the scale is merely the messenger!). 
Anyway, yesterday morning I hopped on the scale just to see what things were looking like, as I had been busy for a for weeks with home improvement projects. I was up a whopping 8 pounds! Eight whole pounds in 15 days, that's a really big deal. This put me out of 'normal BMI' and into 'obese'. 
All day, I felt huge. I kept telling myself how I need to watch everything that went in my mouth, I went grocery shopping and just assumed people thought I was huge, I felt unattractive, I felt lazy, I just felt like I went from something to nothing.
This morning, as I was getting ready, I realized the scale was on a tilted tile. I adjusted the scale so it was flat, and hopped on to see what happened... to my surprise, my weight magically was back to 'normal BMI', in fact it was the same exact weight I was at 2 weeks ago, to the very pound!
What a difference that made for my day! I was practically glowing all day, I felt like I could wear cuter clothes, I didn't emotionally binge on food, I felt lighter and more fit, I showed way more forwardness and affection towards my husband as my confidence soared, I had a great day. And then I realized...
What a drastic difference that one little number made.
That scale told me one thing, and it affected my whole entire day.
One thing.
Now imagine what my brain tells me all day, and how it can affect my entire day.
One little message and it can make or break my day.
"You're huge."
"She looks so much more fit than you."
"Your skin is so problematic."
Those small messages get pumped to my self esteem all day long, and by the end of the day I feel so beaten up... except, it's ME doing the beating!
Imagine what my day would be like if I told myself positive messages.
"You were so patient this morning with the kids."
"Your hard work on the yard is really paying off, it's looks great!"
"Great job eating healthy today!"
What an impact our thoughts have on us, they can make all the difference, can't they?
That little message the scale impacted my entire day, and the same goes with the messages we're telling ourselves...
What is your scale telling you?
Remember how much those tiny messages you tell yourself can affect your life, make sure they're helpful and tell you how much you're worth! 

ipsy Glam Bag Review: May 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Good morning everyone!
I've had a lot of things going on in my life right now, all very good things... but I've had to spend the month of May waiting for news, and oh my goodness is waiting a tough game! The news could potentially be live changing, so I feel a little "stuck" as I wait. I'll explain more later. I said that I was going to work on house projects while I wait, but the weather has been absolutely phenomenal, and after being trapped inside all winter... I took complete advantage of the beautiful sunshine and have spent every day outside for 2 weeks! Alas, the rain and overcast is back, and I promised myself I would at least make a couple of blog posts on these rainy days, and funny enough, my ipsy bag arrived yesterday, so let's do this!
ipsy glam bag glitter bag may 2019 beauty guru review makeup

Amazon Launched A Skincare Line... And I Was The First To Try It!

Monday, March 25, 2019

When I heard Amazon released a skincare line, I literally read the news headline, opened the Amazon app, and bought a few things... yes I am like that with skincare products. Yes, Amazon is jumping into the world of skincare, with their new line, Belei, which features a wide array of your skincare fantasy line. I feel like if Amazon is investing in a skincare line with a mid-end price point, it's gotta be worth a shot! I don't label myself as a skincare addict, but truth be told, I've done my fair share of delving into the world of skin, and if you've never explored r/skincareaddiction then set aside a few hours as you jump down that rabbit hole.
I've personally tried products all over the skincare spectrum, from Cerve to Drunk Elephant, Dior to Neutrogena... and not trying to brag, but my chronically dry skin has caused me to drop some mad cash on anything that touches my face and body, and I have to say, paying more doesn't always mean you're getting a better product, but quality skincare is certainly worth the investment.
As I browsed through the Belei products on launch day, I was highly impressed with what they put released; eye creams, dark spot serums, a charcoal mask, even a moisturizer specifically for dry skin (hello, my people!).
A few things stood out to be about this new Belei line: they are paraben free, sulfate free, fragrance fee, and cruelty free. These are all very good things, and not all skincare lines can relate, so yay Amazon!
Okay, so I have been on the lookout for 2 particular items, and, low and behold, Belei carried them, and with a few clicks on the Amazon app, they were on my porch in 24 hours.
hyaluronic acid serum bio-complex moisturizer for dry skin review skincare guru makeup beauty

ipsy Glam Bag Review for March 2019!

Monday, March 18, 2019

Welcome my sweet sunshines! It has been so long since I updated, as I wrote in my last post, life has never been so busy... I'm a mom during the week, and then I work during the weekend, and on top of all that we may or may not have exciting news coming up (no I'm not pregnant!) which has kept us on our toes! Though we will not know for sure until the end of the month, but fingers crossed, if this does work out, it will be life changing! We'll see how things pan out... I will keep you updated.
I'm going to be opening up my March ipsy bag and reviewing the products for you guys, these reviews are a big hit on my blog, so I wanted to give you some fresher things to see. I will be writing as I open up each product, so you will get my initial reaction for each one, and then I will go back after using the products to let you know what I did and didn't like.
inspiring quotes makeup bag reviews beauty guru

Where have I been, you ask...

Monday, January 28, 2019

Hello 2019!
I have taken such a long break I'm almost embarrassed to even post this lol, but I have a great excuse--
I got a big girl job!

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