I Got A $300 Hollywood Facial... Here's My Thoughts!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

I've never been one to shy away from talking about the cosmetic procedures that I get. Although I do understand the secrecy, I like to be transparent about those kinds of things; it's such a hush-hush topic and sometimes, well, things need to be discussed! Here's a little factoid, too: anytime I post about getting Botox, or lip fillers, or cosmetic surgery, I get tons of private messages from other women interested in the procedures. For as many of those "I can't believe she would post that" people, I get five times the amount of private DMs from people who want to do it and didn't have anyone to talk to about it, and if I can inform and help others who may be pondering the idea... then I don't mind being that person!
So, last month I received an email from my favorite skin care and laser boutique here in Greater Seattle, they are introducing a new facial spa treatment and were hosting a facial party this week to talk about the new procedure and lure in interested clients. The facial is called a Hollywood Hydrafacial, it's the latest facial trend to hit the market and I was able to try it first!
facial rejuvenation

The Hollywood Hydrafacial is a facial rejuvenation procedure that deeply cleans, extracts blackheads, restores the skin, and totally hydrates your skin. Pretty much-- this facial uses a tool that literally sucks out blackheads and gross junk that's stuck under your skin and in your pores, and as someone who loves to clean out that gunk, this was a deeply satisfying experience. 
I arrived to the clinic early and was offered wine and hors d'oeuvres, my laser clinic is top-notch and really good at what they do.
It's important to research your clinic and Doctor before getting anything done, whether it's a surgery or some lunch-break Botox; always investigate prior to booking!
I sat down with my sparkling water and signed my waiver, this is standard protocol for any procedure. Then was brought into a room a room and told to thoroughly wash my face with a special cleanser. I have dry skin, it kind of goes hand in hand with eczema, so I used a moisurizing cleanser that doesn't sud.
Once my face was fresh, my technician led me into a cozy and relaxing spa room and had me lay down on a table. The beautician wrapped a headwrap around my hairline and began explaining the treatment. She took a device, similar looking to a pen, that simultaneously sucks all the dead skin and gunk from my skin surface and pores, and then distributes a serum into my skin. The sensation of the sucking felt gentle enough to be relaxing, but intense enough so that I could tell it was working very well. The experience was incredibly satisfying, like a mega-exfoliation where my top layer of dead skin was sloughed off and the brand new fresh skin underneath could be seen! The technician got into places that can be hard to reach, like the outer folds of your nose and the dip between your bottom lip and chin. 
After the sucker and serum infuser, the technician applied a warm towel around my face to open my pores (where I made a mental note that I should do this at home, it feels SO good). She then applied a hyaluronic acid serum and pressed it into my skin, and then topped it off with a moisturizer and SPF.
The entire process was soothing and not at all intrusive, my skin was not red and irritated whatsoever, I could easily go out in public afterwards. I was told to not clean or touch my face for the rest of the day, and my face and pores were very fresh and the bacteria on my hands could be more detrimental to it than normal.
Leaving the clinic, I felt like my face was the cleanest and most hydrated it's ever been, like... ever. It was hard to not touch my skin because I wanted to feel how smooth it was. When I looked in the mirror, my shine factor was through the roof, my forehead was almost like a mirror, not in an oily way, in a hydrated way... which in my opinion is a really good thing! I actually went to bed early that night because I felt so relaxed and clean, it was a real treat.
The following day I noticed that a blemish I'd battled for a few days was shrunken tremendously, nearly vanished even! This facial is great for acne, and although I've never dealt with acne, I believe it just by seeing the difference in one blemish. The skin around my nose is the most edged and clear I've ever seen it, my entire face looks super sleek and fresh and brand spankin' new!
Throughout the week following the treatment, I could not believe how smooth my face felt, it truly did make a difference. My makeup looked SO much more level and my skin looked younger and fresher. I can without a doubt say that this is the most healthy my skin has ever felt and I'm happy with the results. 
With that being said, the price point for this treatment was $300, and it's designed to be performed monthly... which is pretty high maintenance. Now, if that's something you can incorporate into your budget, I think it could be worthwhile, or even used as a treat yo'self kinda deal, but personally I think it's steeply priced. I, myself, am still very young and youthful and able to get away with using products that do similar things, but don't cost nearly as much (like my favorite peel, and my nightly HA). Now, if I were to find a better deal on this treatment, like maybe a $50 mini-session, then by all means I would treat myself to this more regularly. I will keep my eyes peeled for a special, but I don't see myself dropping that much money on monthly facials anytime soon.
It does feel SO satisfying knowing that my face is completely free of all those impurities. By the way, all the crap they suck out of your pores goes into a small glass tube, and I totally meant to get a picture of it but forgot (I'm sure you're just dying to see it, too!).
All in all, I really enjoyed the facial and thought it was a unique and memorable experience, the suction device was one-of-a-kind and left my face feeling like velvet and plump with moisture, I think for a special occasion this would make a lovely treat for your skin, and should the price be affordable, I think it'd make a great little 'me time' gift to yourself. 

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