I Bought Cheap Fake Hair Off Amazon... Here's What Happened!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's no secret that when you see me out and about... my nails, lashes, and hair are fake. NO SHAME.
I have worn hair extensions and wigs since I was in the 8th grade (this is how I had a job with pink hair in high school- I wore a wig to work!); from high-end remy hair to cheap synthetic mall clip-ins, I've tried quite the list of styles!
The last time I bought synthetic hair extensions, they were straight as a board and super shiny... like, there's-no-way-that's-real shiny. After wearing some in a family photo and being horrified at how obviously fake they looked, I swore I would stick with human hair extensions for forever; but, alas, the future changed my mind, as it tends to do.
YouTuber Amber Scholl mentioned a halo hair extension piece in her YouTube video a few months ago and I jumped online to see for myself what a halo hairpiece was. The halo hair extension doesn't use clips, or glue, or tape, it's actually a large hair piece with (what looks like fishing line) a clear headband. You fit it on your head similar to a flower crown or headband, with the hair flowing down your back, and the clear band camouflaged around your crown.
I liked the thought of the halo style, but was hesitant to drop a few hundred on one without knowing if I'd feel comfortable wearing it... so I flew over to and, viola! They had some.
Like, duh, it's Amazon, they have freaking everything.
After a little digging, I found a highly reviewed Synthetic Halo Hair Extension in my color and placed my order.

I was hoping the hair would arrive in less than 2 days so I could take it on vacation with me to Portland, but it didn't, so I had to wait until I returned to open it. First world problems.
As I opened the package, I could not believe how vastly better synthetic hair quality had improved since my last adventure with it... this fake hair was totally believable! It wasn't shiny, it had a little wave and volume, it had texture and a realistic touch, I was beyond impressed!
 The top was more straight, and the bottom had more body, just like real hair.
So, of course, besides how realistic the hair looked, an equally important feature needs to be considered-- is it comfortable?
If your extensions aren't comfortable, you're going to be screaming to take them out, which... why even bother with them?
Here's how the halo worked:
The hair extension is one whole piece, and the top is attached to lace, with a clear band connecting either end.
There is a silicon bead on either end of the band, which allows you to adjust the band according to head circumference and preference.
Slip the band over your head, pull about half of your hair through so that the synthetic hair extension is sandwiched between your natural hair.
Blend it in as much as possible, and feel free to style it however you wish... the more you have fun and intertwine synthetic hair into your own, the cuter it looks IMO!
The crazy part about this hair extension is not just the quality and realistic look, but the price is totally affordable, too! Especially when compared to the real deal.
I chose the 18" light honey blonde hairpiece, and got it for a whopping $9.99!!
This is a fraction of the cost of a real halo hairpiece, and for someone trying out the style, or on a budget... this would be the perfect piece for you!
All in all, this $10 hair piece looks just as good, if not BETTER, than my $200 one... even though you can't use heating tools or product on it, they are still gorgeous and totally worth purchasing!
What do you think of hair extensions?

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