Bow Subscription Review for June 2018: Sweet Cheeks Shop

Saturday, June 9, 2018

My tiny Seattle mailbox receives little pink packages several times throughout the month, the packages are always filled with surprises that never fail to make me happy, like a pop of color to my day; from makeup glam bags to bow subscriptions, the pink packages always bring good cheer... and this week I received one of my favorites: baby bows!
So today, I'm reviewing the June 2018 monthly subscription bows from Sweet Cheeks Shop. Fellow Mom bow addicts might know about this shop, and if that doesn't include you, you're welcome! This is a great small shop for beginners to indulge in the world of bows. 
Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review faux pink leather small shop toddler baby girl fashion fashionista model child

I love supporting small businesses, in fact, I prefer it. Anytime I can help a fellow Mom support her dream, her family, or herself-- I take the opportunity to do so. About half of my baby's wardrobe was sewn by busy moms from around the world chasing their goals, including all of Ava's bows! There are countless bow shops run by tired Moms who are making their dream a reality. I love Sweet Cheeks Shop because their monthly bow subscriptions are carefully designed to coordinate with the season, for instance-- February bows included heart patterns, March had gorgeous greens, and June bows did not disappoint!
This month I opened up my bows and, well, it was love at first sight. 

This shop knows what it means to pair their bows with the month accordingly. From bright pops of minty green, to a watercolor pastel knot bow... this month screams Spring
I want to go into a little detail for each bow, to give you an idea of how much thought they put into their monthly subscription...
Starting from the top, the first bow is a fun, girly burst of salmon pink, made from a faux pleather material... it is sturdy and basically resists dirt and liquids (which is kind of important when your toddler insists the playground mulch belongs on her head!). This is such a classic girl color and will be a useful 'go to' year-round.
Sweet Cheeks Shop June bows pleather small shop baby girl

Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review faux pink leather pleather baby girl toddler fashion
The middle bow, SWOON! I have been dying for some true Spring pastels, and Sweet Cheeks blew all competition out of the water. Seriously, this is the perfect June bow. It's big, it's dainty, it's a swirl of watercolor dreams and will compliment absolutely all Spring & Summer outfits!
Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review big watercolor pastel spring knot crossbow small shop

The third bow is one of my absolute favorite colors on planet Earth (and that is saying a lot from a woman who needs 8 paint swatches before painting a room)... it's a cool, crisp minty seafoam green on sturdy velvety soft material-- pretty much the exact color of my nursery, and feels like such a cuddly knit fabric. I absolutely love this bow, it adds subtle hint of color, nothing too dramatic, just enough to add a sweet touch!
Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review mint turquoise velvet small shop support

Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review mint turquoise velvet baby girl toddler fashion

The June bows are such a hit, you guys! These are definitely some of my favorites of 2018. I love how the shop incorporated blossoming Spring colors into the bows, they are a on point, I'm sold. As always, Sweet Cheeks Shop delivered!
I hope you my review was helpful for anyone researching bow shops or monthly bow subscriptions, they are certainly 'a thing' now and there's a lot to choose from!
If you like bows, I've reviewed this shop before, as well as others!!
Are you you subscribed to any monthly bow subscriptions? What are your favorite colors and patterns when bow shopping? Feel free to share your bow preferences here!:)

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