Why I'm Taking A "ME"Cation

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This weekend I'm doing something for the first time in my life, something that is a little out of the ordinary and well deserved— I'm taking a "ME"Cation. A MeCation is a trip you take all by yourself... a time to breathe, reflect, enjoy the things you love, and focus on giving yourself the self-love and self-care you need.
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I honestly didn't consider doing this myself, it was, in fact, my husband's idea! Ryan gave me a concert ticket for Christmas for a Portland show and planned to book a room there as a little getaway for the fam and a special treat for me to see my favorite band. As the months passed and the trip got closer, Ryan tossed me the idea of me taking this opportunity to go alone. At first I felt guilty, however, the more I imagined a couple of days in a new fun city doing things that make me happy, the more I loved the idea. So that was that, I was taking a "ME"cation!
Now, I must say, 2018 has been a rough year. I am in over my head in housework, motherly duties, and trying to cope with having a baby and a major curve-ball life threw our way. There are days where I feel overwhelmed, days where I feel unsatisfied, days I feel not good enough, or too stressed even feel emotion. Having children is extremely hard work, and being a stay-at-home-mom means no breaks, no days off, no time by myself... it's the hardest job in the world! I am almost always mentally, emotionally, and physically tired. Although the older my kids get, the easier it is, I knew having another baby would restart all this, and thus, it's been a crazy year!
I feel like there's this stigma around the idea of vacationing alone. Surely there's a reason she wants to be alone. I wonder what's going on. Is her marriage getting rocky? Is she reaching a breaking point?
The thoughts and questions from onlookers are just nuts, sometimes, aren't they?
The great news is, my life is beautiful, I am strong, my marriage is healthy, and I am happy.
We all get stressed out in life. Everyone experiences times of tension, feeling burnt out, feeling drained, or feeling overwhelmed. And it's okay to say-- you know what? I need a break.
Not a break to make changes. Not a break to reevaluate your marriage. Not a break to regret bearing children. Not a break to have a mental breakdown. Not a break to plan an escape route.
A break to breathe. A break to unwind. A break to relax, to give yourself some self LOVE and self care, to do things you enjoy without having to please anyone else, to sleep without interruption, to eat at that restaurant you've been eyeing but no one else wants, a break for YOU. Your heart, your soul, your sweet little self. You deserve to breathe and to have time off.
So that's exactly what I'm doing.
For the first time in my entire life, I'm taking time for Adrienne.
I've booked a luxury waterfront suite with a giant comfy King sized bed in downtown Portland, Oregon. I've chosen a list of vegan restaurnats I'd like to try out. I've brought my favorite outfits and my camera and my laptop. And I'm spoiling myself! Not spoiling myself by shopping, or getting my hair done, or getting a pedicure... I'm spoiling myself by giving myself time to do exactly what I need, to relax. Without people. Without chores. Without duties.
It's time for me.
And I hope you can find time for you, too. Self love is one of the greatest gifts you could possibly give yourself. You are important.
We've all heard our flight attendants go over emergency instructions, and everytime I hear this part, I feel there's deeper meaning:
Put your own oxygen mask on before helping others.
Take care of you. Spend time with yourself. You were born alone, you'll die alone, spend a little time getting to know you... alone. It's healthy. I promise. You won't regret it.

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