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Sunday, May 20, 2018

I am knee deep in my very first "ME"cation and all I can think is- so this is what it feels like to unwind. I haven't felt this kind of hush + tranquility ever in my life. I needed this.
As I sit in my balcony suite in downtown Portland, overlooking the piers + bridges that connect Portland together as one, I am is awe at how peaceful, relaxing, and serene life is at this moment. You see, I have not given myself a break in my entire span of motherhood. I've had a few hours downstairs alone, yes, I've taken vacations with just my husband, yes, I've left the house alone many times for a Target haul, sure... but those are small and timed increments where I am certain the I will be needed any minute now, where I can sit but not rest.
So here I am in downtown Portland in my luxury suite, alone... with only my thoughts, a cool breeze, and my peace of mind.
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Although we may find ourselves alone sometimes in life, like driving in our car, or running an errand, it's not quite that same as getting away, escaping the daily grind, stepping away from the routine. And let's be honest, even being on vacation with your spouse, no matter how wonderful your marriage is... isn't exactly a break. If decisions have to be made together- you're with someone, not on a break. I absolutely love traveling with my husband, we've been to castles in Europe and jungles in the Caribbean... but we were together. And as scary as this may sound to so many people-- you need to get away from everyone sometimes, even that one person you think you can't live without, it's important to step away and give yourself time to breathe. Time to invest in yourself, let your thoughts flow, let yourself rest, do things you might not get to do with someone else.
Being alone is healthy. Being alone is rewarding. It's a time of growth, understanding, reflection. It doesn't have to be scary, and antisocial, and red flags... you may even get opportunities you wouldn't otherwise get, such as meeting strangers or trying a restaurant no one else likes.
As I look out at the stars twinkling above amidst this gorgeous night sky, and the city lights reflecting against the running river water, I sit and think to myself, with every ounce of calmness + serenity in my being... how lucky I am to be here, and how proud I am of the woman I've become, and how grateful I am of the family I'm raising, and how unbelievably vital nights like this, where it's just me and my thoughts, are in life.
Indulge in yourself, you're worth it.
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