Take Your Child To Work Day 2018 at Google

Friday, April 27, 2018

Yesterday was National Take Your Child To Work Day, and it marked our 6th year of participating in Google's Take Your Child To Work Day at their campuses. Every year, Google does something special for the mini-Googlers so they can get hands on in the world of technology, science, math, and teamwork; the company is truly family-friendly and they host events all throughout the year for Googler kiddos. We always look forward to this one, I even check Delilah out of school for it. I think it's important to see and experience what real life is like, and where Daddy spends his day at, there are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned that can't be taught in the classroom.

Take Your Child To Work Day 2018 blogger google

This year, we had a new addition to the mix... baby-Googler, Ava!
baby Googler take your child kid to work day work badge couch retro orange 1 year old tech baby genius

Okay, okay, this is actually Ava's 2nd year going, but last year she was 1 month old and slept through the entire thing. Hardly counts.
So first thing's first, we use our badges to check into the building. Super important place = super high security!
baby Googler take your kid child to work day work badge

Next, we get our scavenger hunt passport. This is a super fun activity for the kids, each item on the scavenger hunt leads them to a special location and they get a stamp on their passport!
baby Googler take your kid child to work day work badge
A room of science experiments, engineering, games, and learning activities calls for lots of fun! My 1st grader, Delilah, really loved this room... she's at a great age for learning about science and technology and could have stayed in this room all day!
1st grader doing science experiment technology engineering math ice cream game
Take Your Child To Work Day is a great opportunity to show your children the various paths they can go in life, and showing our children where technology, math, innovation, and engineering can lead them is so important. 
dad helping children put lizard puzzle together playtime daddy father learning growing family

Here's Ryan showing the girls what he does all day at Googleputting lizards together.
All that playtime builds an appetite! The Google chefs always make lots of kid-friendly food for the kiddos, the girls had pizza & grilled cheese... yum!
baby eating grilled cheese sitting in dad's lap
It's a beautiful day in Seattle, this time of year is so pretty. Taking a break to enjoy sunshine on a grassy knoll.
1 year old running in grass future leader googler google baby
Obligatory couple selfie with my Googler.
millennial couple selfie

You can't leave the campus without adding to the stone garden, a large collection of white stones decorated by Googlers that sits under a staircase. Delilah choosing a rock is serious business!
first grader choosing stone for rock garden concentrating
A quick family selfie, of which Delilah last-second ran out of lol!
millennial family selfie
And a little outdoor play to unwind and relax after a long day of computing, creating, innovating, and engineering.
family running outside millennial family

It takes true talent, intellect, skill, discipline, and an array of other traits to work at Google, and it's such a gift to be able to show our children where hard work and determination can lead them in life. We are thankful for Google, and for our school, for allowing us to participate in yet another Take Your Child To Work Day.
Did you participate in this National Day? What do you think of the opportunity to take your kid to work? Would you do the same?

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