My Husband Works Where?!

Friday, April 6, 2018

This happens to me often. I'll be filling out forms at a Doctor's office, or chitchatting with my hair stylist, or just having small talk with a mom at the park... and eventually my husband and our life gets brought up, leading to his field and career, and 99% of the time I get some kind of reaction when people discover his employer.
So yes, let me go ahead give you the big reveal.
My husband works for Google.
Surprised, intrigued, impressed, there's always an exceptionally large weight put on where my husband works. Then come the questions, which I LOVE, I love that friends, acquaintances, even total strangers are interested in our lifestyle.
The perks Google offers are out of this world amazing, and you will likely hear me talk about events, trips, benefits, and all the wonderful upgrades and betterment we receive. Google is truly the greatest company on planet Earth the work for and we are thoroughly proud and appreciative to be with them.
Today I had lunch at a Google campus today with my handsome husband, something I love to do when I can.

The chefs at Google accommodate all diets... even my vegan diet!

After lunch today and my inclination to share my experience with you today, I began to wonder... how about I occasionally share the perks of working at one of the greatest companies to work for in the world. We are very grateful to be part of the Google family and enjoy every minute of it. I hope you find them as generous and hospitable as we do! What questions would you have for a Googler wife? Ask away!

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