Bow Subscription Review: Sweet Cheeks Shop March 2018 Bows

Monday, April 2, 2018

     I have scrolled through hundreds of Instagram pictures seeking new and upcoming bow shops, and Sweet Cheeks Shop was one that really popped out when I first began my journey into bows. Their monthly bow subscription archive was impressive and so I gave it a whirl starting November 2017; I received December's bows around mid-late November and loved what I found... plaids and eggnogs and reds, oh my!
     When January's bows arrived, I was a little disappointed in the variety and cancelled my subscription... only to have MAJOR regrets after seeing their next month's bows. And the next months. And finally I resubscribed!
     That's the beauty of bow subscriptions, you never know what you're going to get... and when you follow a shop, and watch them grow, and see their creativity spark— you will probably love what you see!
By the way, if you're looking for a way to organize your bows, I have a free DIY Bow Organizer Tutorial here.
     For April, Sweet Cheeks Shop completely nailed Spring with delicate sweet lace, a burst of bright yellow, and a fresh mint suede with pops of gold... so much yes!
sweet cheeks shop monthly bow subscription April Spring 2018 bows girl mom blue eyes blogger momlife blog unboxing baby newborn
     Here are the first bows I received from Sweet Cheeks Shop, these were sent in November 2017, just in time for the holidays:
Sweet Cheeks Shop December 2017 holiday red plaid bow monthly subscription
     That plaid is just everything, it was totally one of my favorite holiday bows this season, and will be next season, too.
     As I mentioned earlier, when I got January's bows, I wasn't too crazy about them, I felt like they lacked variety, and so I cancelled... however, I ended up using the bows more often than I thought!          Well, when Sweet Cheeks Shop announced February's bows I was DYING because they were seriously just the cutest most perfect sweet little Valentine bows. I think what made me kick myself even harder was that I subscribed to other bow subscriptions and they didn't even compare Sweet Cheeks February's bows. March rolls around and the exact scenerio happens, Sweet Cheeks bows were absolutely stellar and I got stuck with sub-par bows from other shops. That was that, I'd had it I resubscribed to Sweet Cheeks Shop. Just in time, too, check out April's gorgeous little Spring bows!
Sweet Cheeks Shop April Spring 2018 bow subscription monthly unboxing review
Ava loving her sweet little bows!
Sweet Cheeks Shop April Spring 2018 bow subscription monthly unboxing review

Sweet Cheeks Shop April Spring 2018 bow subscription monthly unboxing review

     The unexpected trait about bows that I am discovering is how each bow is going to hold onto a memory of your baby, "aww, that's the bow she wore to her first pumpkin patch!" and "remember when she was wearing this and she laughed for the first time?"
     My baby, Ava, had an especially memorable First Christmas, not only did Santa visit her for the first time, but it snowed for her first Christmas... I've only experienced that two times myself, what an extra bonus, a  first Christmas and a white Christmas! I'll never forget watching my girls playing in the snow Christmas morning, they rode in a Power Wheels Santa brought, and Ava wore one of our Sweet Cheeks Shop bows in her hair.
sweet cheeks shop monthly bow subscription December Christmas 2017 red snowing washington seattle bows girl mom blue eyes blogger momlife blog unboxing baby newborn
First Christmas & First White Christmas

     See how much one little bow can mean? Precious memories!
     I actually got some great feedback for my last bow post, so as a bonus, I made a video of me unboxing April's Sweet Cheek Shop bows. If you guys like the unboxing video, let me know and I'll do another!

     If you're interested in subscribing to Sweet Cheeks, I'll leave a link below. I am in no way affiliated with the shop, I just love bows! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! Do you like their bows? What are your favorite bow shops?

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