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Sunday, April 8, 2018

If I had to name the mother of bow subscriptions right now, the one everyone knows about and follows on Instagram, it would hands down be Little Poppy Co. With a massive 108K following on Insta, ads on every platform, and a pretty interactive group of followers, Little Poppy Co is the most well known bow subscription shop online.
Opening my mailbox each month and finding a little pink package inside is such a giddy feeling, I love opening up my bow subscription boxes every month and Little Poppy Co's is no exception.
April bows have arrived!
little poppy co review april 2018 monthly subscription bow review bows headbands blonde baby child model blue eyes valentine

These are my third set of monthly subscription bows from LPC.
 I was ecstatic when I found them, I scrolled through their Instagram photos admiring all their past bow collections and stopping myself from subscribing for weeks... until February 2018 rolled around. They had me.
little poppy co february 2018 monthly subscription bow review bows headbands blonde baby child model blue eyes valentine

Purple suede mini bows and a black & white heart bow? Say no more, Little Poppy Co... will you be my Valentine?
Just, yes. Yes to the cutest February bows ever.
Okay, what do you think of when you dream of March? Major St. Patricks Day vibes, right? Greens, yellows, mints, whites, golds. Also, the First Day of Spring falls in March, so maybe some dainty pastels, or pops of bright color, and if we're getting really fun, maybe some floral prints!
So, you can imagine my... face... when I opened up my March bows and found... red & green?
I do think of a holiday when I see red & green, but it's not St.Patricks Day.
Moving forward. April bows are here! And we have...
little poppy co february 2018 monthly subscription bow review bows headbands blonde baby child model blue eyes valentine
I was taken back, is that more red & green?
However, upon closer inspection, it's more like coral & red.
To be honest, each of these bows are absolutely adorable and will definitely be the cherry on top to many outfits.
Starting at the top, the dainty little coral ribbon has a very minimalist feel, it doesn't need much to pop, the color alone totally has the power to top off an outfit. There was a smidge of hot glue on the front, however, that was easily removed and it let's me know it's not coming undone so easily!
The middle white bow is a thick, sturdy white linen knot made of a very quality knit fabric; it's amazing how many outfits can be accessorized with a simple classic white ribbon, this one will get a lot of use!
The bottom ribbon is a Earthy seafoam green with a white tinged grid pattern, the fabric is strong and hearty and the bow is a nice medium size. I cannot instantly think of an outfit to pair this bow with, it will be a tricky one, but it's one of those that will get head turns once you do wear it, it most certainly is unique and appealing.
By the way, if you are needing a way to organize your bows, I created a free DIY Bow Organizer tutorial here!
Little Poppy Co certainly has a great following, and although I was expecting more Spring-y colors this season, pastels and floral prints and colors, I can see the beauty in each of these bows. With that being said, I'm crossing my fingers they step out a little and explore colors of blooming flowers, budding plants, and a sweet summertime dress being twirled around in the sunshine.
If you like these, you should also check out Sweet Cheeks Shop, they have some great bows, too! And here, as well!
 Spring has arrived, you guys!

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