Bow Subscriptions - What Are They And Why Are Girl Moms Signing Up?

Friday, March 30, 2018

 Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I'm a bow addict.
 Seriously though, I think I may have a problem.
 When my first daughter was born, I was extremely frugal and practical, she wore hand-,me-downs and clearance clothes her first few years, while I collected Pampers codes and baby food coupons as a side gig.
 Cue baby #2.
 Whole different world!
 By the time I found out I was having a girl, I had a small shops working hard making newborn bows for me, Etsy sellers crocheting newborn hats, and majestic knit fabrics flying in from England for me to make handmade baby blankets with... I did not care how much it cost, this was my littlest baby girl, and likely my last baby, she was getting spoiled! Bring forth the fountain of handmade bows.
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     Once I opened the door to bows, there was no looking back. I was obsessed. I loved being able to support small shops, too, in fact most of my newest baby's clothes are handmade from small shops.
     Gone are the days of magazine and newspaper subscriptions, this is 2018- we believe in razor-blade subscriptions, Amazon subscribe buttons, and monthly makeup bags from Ipsy.
     And now there's this new thing: bow subscriptions.
     Ah, yes, bow subscriptions... what girl mom dreams are made of.
There's so many options! And so many shops to choose from!
     So basically, you find a shop you love, you sign up for a monthly subscription, you choose headband or alligator clip, and then you receive 3 surprise bows each both!
     There are tons of resources for finding different bow subscription shops, from Etsy to Google, but my favorite is using Instagram hashtags to search for photos, that way you can find shops that offer exactly what your taste is with your bow style!
Hashtags I use are things like #bowshop #bowaddict and #bowsubscription
     Along with new and fresh bows each month, I love the element of surprise a bow subscription brings to the table... it's so intriguing opening the package and wondering what you'll find. I've also found that there's always a bow that I would never pick out myself, but it turns out to be a highly used bow... I think that's a great quality about this service, you can get a variety of bows, including ones you wouldn't necessarily choose, which opens doors for your collection.
By the way, have you seen my easy DIY tutorial on how to make your own bow organizer? Super simple!
     Most shops will base their bow selection on the season, holiday, or coordinating colors for that month... for instance, I received lots of reds & greens in December, and greens in March. I love that shops do that, it gives us a chance to pair our new bow up with a coordinating outfit for that month.
     Prices range from $10.99 to $20 a month, which isn't too bad! 
     I've been testing out several bow subscription services since Fall 2017; some months I'm blown away by the bows, some months I seriously wonder what the heck they were thinking when they chose the bows. I'm currently subscribed to several small shop monthly bow subscriptions, and I'm going to begin a monthly segment where I review that month's bows, and maybe a bonus video of me unboxing a few! From Little Poppy Co, to Sweet Cheeks Shop, to Ellia May Designs... I've been there, done that, and will tell you who's worth it and who to avoid (psst, you may be surprised).
     Along with bow reviews and subscription unboxing, I created the cutest DIY bow holder ever last month and will be posting a tutorial for it in April... if you have a lot of bows, you do not want to miss this super easy and cheap DIY bow holder tutorial!
I may have a bow problem, but gosh they're so darn cute!
On second thought, if anyone ever says you have a bow problem, ditch them immediately... you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

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