Babbling With Angels

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Typically, I put my baby to bed while my husband puts our 7 year old to bed; I'm really good at the baby bedtime routine and he's really good at telling 2nd-grader-bedtime-stories... so, well, it works.
I usually start by giving Ava a warm bubble bath in our master bathroom Jacuzzi, then I massage her tiny body with baby lotion, button-up some warm cozy PJs on her, and hum "her song" as I lay her down in her crib and tuck her in. She loves her new pillow and fleece blanket I bought her last Christmas, and I have to tap her baby mobile so its flowers can sway around in circles above her bed...
angel wings floral flowery decor

The Milk Man Did It! Pregnancy Couple Costume Idea

Monday, October 29, 2018

The Milk Man Did It!
Classic, right?
My pregnancy Halloween costume won an award and was featured on a list of "Best Pregnancy Halloween Costumes" on a popular website... and I'm pretty proud of it! Since Halloween is this week, I thought I'd share my slightly famous (in my mind) costume and give some printables to those interested.
 If you're attending a Halloween party this year, or just want to get a few laughs from your friends, this is the perfect, most scandalous (and super easy!) costume.
baby bump preggo milk man costume inspo couple costume

I Got A $300 Hollywood Facial... Here's My Thoughts!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

I've never been one to shy away from talking about the cosmetic procedures that I get. Although I do understand the secrecy, I like to be transparent about those kinds of things; it's such a hush-hush topic and sometimes, well, things need to be discussed! Here's a little factoid, too: anytime I post about getting Botox, or lip fillers, or cosmetic surgery, I get tons of private messages from other women interested in the procedures. For as many of those "I can't believe she would post that" people, I get five times the amount of private DMs from people who want to do it and didn't have anyone to talk to about it, and if I can inform and help others who may be pondering the idea... then I don't mind being that person!
So, last month I received an email from my favorite skin care and laser boutique here in Greater Seattle, they are introducing a new facial spa treatment and were hosting a facial party this week to talk about the new procedure and lure in interested clients. The facial is called a Hollywood Hydrafacial, it's the latest facial trend to hit the market and I was able to try it first!
facial rejuvenation

Ipsy Glam Bag Review: August 2018

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

It's been awhile since I did an Ipsy glam bag review and lately I've been in the mood for makeup, so I thought I'd throw a splash of color in and do a review!
Ipsy Glam Bag Review August 2018 Huda Beauty Pixi by Petra makeup beauty guru blogger reviewer influencer
This is a review of the August 2018 Ipsy Glam Bag (yes I'm fully aware it's October, don't judge me). This bag has been sitting at the top of my staircase for over a month waiting on me to open it, I procrastinated so much... that my September bag arrived! Oops. You guys procrastinate too, right? Tell me you do!

Time To Break Out The Fall Decor... and DECLUTTER!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

October has arrived, and while typically my home would already be dazzled in foliage decor and reeking of pumpkin-scented-everything... I'm currently giving one of my living rooms a makeover, that of which has totally sucked most of my free time up, so things were scooted last month and my Fall Decor party got the short end of the stick.
With that being said- Happy October, lovers, it's never too late to begin decorating! As I mentioned last week, Fall is a huge time of change for me, and this year is with no exception. Breaking out my Fall storage bins and throwing orange-&-brown-everything all over my house brings deep feelings of calm and nostalgia, it is an almost sacred time as I make my house feel more like a home with warm, welcoming decorations and quality family time. The Earthy tones of Fall are warm, inviting tones, and I think it's such a fitting characteristic of the season to spend time at home with my family.
One thing I like to do before adorning my home in seasonal decor is to clean and declutter the whole thing... to rid of the unnecessary and give it a fresh revamp for the upcoming season. Like a tree releases what it no longer needs, it's time to let go of the old and start fresh.
I always begin by removing all my bright, sunny, pretty decor that I keep up throughout the warmer seasons and putting it into storage.
fall decor home modern house housewife peach entrance
Removing all the current decor, making room for Fall
After getting my house naked, I go through places that don't get much love nor attention and I declutter them completely... this year I purged my linen closet (this was actually my first time doing this space since buying this house 2 years ago!), master bedroom closet, master bathroom cabinets, and my kitchen baking & seasoning cabinet. I get in these moods where I want to keep NOTHING and can clear out an area in a jiffy, stripping it down to the necessities (and OMG does it feel good). 
I don't know why, but I cannot stand to have stuff, I just... I'm not a clutter person. Less is more. If you struggle with clutter and would like to work on it, I highly recommend reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo.
After I purged my junk and reorganized everything more efficiently, I did a top-to-bottom cleaning sesh... I'm talking scrubbing baseboards, walls, cabinets, bathrooms, fireplaces, heck I even cleaned the garage! Not only do I like to dip into the holiday season with a fresh house feel, but I also know cold season is right around the corner and thus I want to be on top of things while I can.
Keeping your house clean and organized, for me, is the difference between feeling calm and cozy... and feeling stressed, uncomfortable, and inadequate. My first apartment was a complete disaster, I despised cleaning and systems and structure; I neglected a lot of things back then! I spent my 20s teaching myself how to cook, take care of my health, and be a good mom; I've spent my 30s learning how to clean, organize, and make my house into a home. Becoming a good housekeeper was life changing, and it impacts your family's experience, too! If I can do it-- anyone can.
Although most have heard of Spring Cleaning, I think it's nice to have two times of year dedicated to really going through your junk and thoroughly scrubbing the place down. This week I've been busy with my Fall cleaning routine, followed by putting out all my Fall decor... and I will give you a tour of some of my favorite Fall decorated spots in my home this weekend, including my front porch tour!
I hope everyone is enjoying these lovely little crisp Fall mornings, the sunsets are arriving faster and the air is getting chilly here in Seattle... I love every moment of it!

Fall Is A Time For Reflection & Change

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ah, Fall... my favorite time of year. And it's not my favorite just for the 'basic' reasons, like cute boots & pumpkin spice lattes (but, let's be honest, yes to all of that!). Fall is a big time of change for me.
I will never forget the day that Fall became magical for me, it was 2015 and I was living in LA, I hadn't felt true crisp-air-changing-leaves-sweater-weather-Fall in years (for those not in the know, LA is pretty much sunny + perfect weather year-round). I had been doing the same thing for years, same routine, same stagnant attitude, same me. On that particular day, which was the first day of Fall, I felt ready for change, and instead of doing my normal routine of going to the beach and doing the same thing I did everyday... I decided to try a new route; I went to an art store and got an acrylic paint set, came home and turned on my now-favorite indie Fall music playlist, and I spent the rest of the day creating Autumn-themed crafts with my 3 year old. Although this doesn't sound like a life-changing day, it was unbelievably was a day of decided change, a day where I chose to make memories, a day where I made one small change and it domino'd into a big deal, that day was a day of positive light, a day of peace, a day I was a better Mom, a better person... it was a day I turned a new leaf, and it is forever tattooed in my mind. Something so simple as a slight change can shift your life.
Every single year now on the first day of Fall, I look forward to hearing that playlist, burning pumpkin scented candles, reflecting on the year, and deciding what changes I want to see in myself from this point forward.
As the leaves of the trees transform into bold & vibrant tones and begin the process of change, so do I.
First Day of Fall reflection time of change coffee comfy couch housewife femme luxe

Two Little Band-Aids

Monday, September 17, 2018

A personal story about my journey with eczema.

Minimalist Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Friday, September 14, 2018

I have something truly special in my life that I cherish with every ounce of my very being: I have a best friend.
Not just any best friend... a lifelong best friend.
We met in 1999 during high school art class and were instant best friends; it just clicked, she was the sugar to my spice, the yin to my yang, the peanut butter to my jelly. We passed notes between every class in high school, we shared lockers, we drooled over Blink-182 together and spent countless nights having slumber parties and meeting at the mall. We're now both mamas, and although we may not giggle about cute guys & punk bands like we once did, we still talk on a daily basis and indulge in each other's lives. We are part of each other, she is a pillar in my life.
I still remember the moment we met, what we said, where we were sitting, what we were wearing... the day is tattooed in my head. From that point forward, we basically grew up together, and still are. She knows everything about me (perhaps too much! haha), anytime I need to vent, or need an ear, or have to gush about something that happened, anything... she's right there. We've been through it all; together.
Although I only have 2 very small tattoos, and got them both before I was 21, I still find myself dreaming about what I would get should I take the plunge and go for a third.
I think tattoos can be purely decorative and artistic and have no significance behind them, and I think they can also be simple or not as artistic, but have great meaning (and all the shades of gray in between). I have one of both, and have to say that my tattoo with great meaning is much more special to me, and I decided that if I were to get another, it would also hold meaning.
After 20 years of building a friendship with my best friend, I cannot think of anything more appropriate than taking our 'friendship bracelets' to the next level with a cute, sweet, dainty little best friend tattoo.
We both agreed that this is something we are destined to do, and are currently contemplating what to get.
One thing I forgot to mention! We live three-thousand miles apart.
We spent the first half of our friendship inseparable, and the second half on opposite coasts of America. We are long-distance, but we talk every day, and are tighter than a cable knit sweater... we have never been so close.
I've created a list of possible best friend tattoos, and I wanted to share a few ideas with you. I love how powerful, yet minimalist they are... let me know what you think!
Pinky Promise Best Friend Tattoo ideas inspo inspiration examples friendship
Pinky Promise

Why Summer Break Is Important

Monday, September 10, 2018

Hello sunshines!
After a notable, fun-fill, and much-needed summer break with my kids, I'm back!
I do this thing every summer where I think of everything that would be entertaining for a kid, splash pads, beaches, hikes, playgrounds, trips to the library, swimming, soccer, ice cream shops... and then I try to squeeze in as many things as possible during summer break. We had days of nonstop play, and we had lazy days where we just spent time together, but most importantly... each day counted.
And needless to say, we had a blast!
This summer was so different, you guys.
This was basically the first summer that I had two independent children, two children who could run around together and play and laugh and not need me every waking second.
Last summer Ava was a newborn, and all the summers before that Delilah was an only child... it truly makes a big difference having two kids who can play together!
I always imagined having two children as being extra challenging, and although it can be difficult at times, the truth is that many times they will entertain each other, leaving me with "free time". And by free time, I mean time to do fun stuff like fold laundry and clean out the refrigerator. Never grow up, it's a trap.
But seriously--
This was hands down my favorite summer so far.
In fact, I'm still very much on cloud nine.
Seattle stay at home mom with kids daughters housewife zoo girls girl mom

Every Marriage Needs Date Nights

Sunday, August 26, 2018

I tend to think my husband and I are in a beautiful yet demanding lifestyle, one that sometimes requires great strength and perseverance, one that isn't exactly normal for a young family... we live thousands of miles away from any friends or family.
We have raised our children by ourselves, in some of America's largest cities, without a net of family in close range. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, birthday parties... we have always had to travel to family to celebrate those events together. We've never had the luxury of driving down the road to visit my parents, or had the ease of hosting a laid back birthday party at my house, or dropping the kids off at grandma's so we can relax for an evening... I have no idea what that's like. It's a privilege to even have family, having their help is a luxury and should not be taken for granted. I am so proud of who we are; from learning how to care for a baby, to buying our first home, to raising children on our own... you wanna talk about strength: we have it running through our veins. It takes a staggering amount of patience, endurance, and stability to do what we do... and we do it very, very well.
Not only are we on our own, but my husband has an incredibly robust & successful career that requires a great deal of time & mental strength to flourish in, he is unbelievably busy at times and has, in turn, accomplished great things. Work hard, play hard... that's key.
Have you ever totally killed a workout, like you pushed yourself harder than you ever thought possible, and at the end you felt completely invincible and on top of the world? That's how we feel most days.
One ingredient to having a healthy & fun marriage while raising children without family is to nurture and care for each other, and that includes treating yourself to date nights. Date nights where you connect, cuddle, venture out, stay youthful, get excited; date nights you blush when you think about and stay on cloud 9 for a week. Treat them as sacred evenings, plan them out, book them often, get dressed for the occasion... and make them worthwhile.
We try to sprinkle date nights in throughout the year, sometimes we'll go a long stretch without one because we're so busy with life, or maybe we're going on a lot of family vacations (equally as important, btw!), but I like to have my man all to myself and go on adventures, so we go as often as we can.
Last night was a great date, perhaps my all time favorite thus far!

Ipsy Glam Bag Review: July 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

I've been in a long term relationship with ipsy since around 2013; back when I joined, you were added to a waiting list, and sharing a referral link on social media moved you up the list! In return, I've accumulated a serious amount of cute pouches and beauty products over the years... some products I used once, some I'm still using years later. You never know what you're going to get when you receive your monthly glam bag, and although some people aren't comfortable with that... I love it! I've been introduced to countless things that I wouldn't necessarily choose in a store, but ended up loving once they got in my hands-- shades, colors, products, scents, there are so many options, and when you let go of what you think you know, and try something new... the world might surprise you! Although ipsy & I have taken occasional breaks when my makeup collection gets out of control (I can't even say that with a straight face), I always find myself running back to ipsy with arms open wide. 
What better way to talk about my little monthly purple package than with a review of the products & glam bag, I added a Beauty section to my blog tonight, it will contain my monthly ipsy reviews, as well as any beauty product reviews or advice. Let me know what you think!

I Bought Cheap Fake Hair Off Amazon... Here's What Happened!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It's no secret that when you see me out and about... my nails, lashes, and hair are fake. NO SHAME.
I have worn hair extensions and wigs since I was in the 8th grade (this is how I had a job with pink hair in high school- I wore a wig to work!); from high-end remy hair to cheap synthetic mall clip-ins, I've tried quite the list of styles!
The last time I bought synthetic hair extensions, they were straight as a board and super shiny... like, there's-no-way-that's-real shiny. After wearing some in a family photo and being horrified at how obviously fake they looked, I swore I would stick with human hair extensions for forever; but, alas, the future changed my mind, as it tends to do.
YouTuber Amber Scholl mentioned a halo hair extension piece in her YouTube video a few months ago and I jumped online to see for myself what a halo hairpiece was. The halo hair extension doesn't use clips, or glue, or tape, it's actually a large hair piece with (what looks like fishing line) a clear headband. You fit it on your head similar to a flower crown or headband, with the hair flowing down your back, and the clear band camouflaged around your crown.
I liked the thought of the halo style, but was hesitant to drop a few hundred on one without knowing if I'd feel comfortable wearing it... so I flew over to and, viola! They had some.
Like, duh, it's Amazon, they have freaking everything.
After a little digging, I found a highly reviewed Synthetic Halo Hair Extension in my color and placed my order.

Hyped Up Jaclyn Hill's 'The Vault' Morphe Palette Delayed?

Saturday, June 23, 2018

I don't talk about my obsession with makeup gurus on here, but I am shook you guys.
Morphe has announced Jaclyn Hill's new line will be delayed.
I was really looking forward to this one, you guys, I mean, did you freaking see her hyped up Youtube announcement where she swatched every color on her arm and proceeded to make sex noises?!

Don't Bury Your Past, Build On It

Sunday, June 17, 2018

We all have it. Every human being has it. Many of us choose not to think about it, many choose to live in it- our past
Life is a collaboration of events, opportunities, and lessons measured on a timeline; every decision you've ever made affected your timeline. Some of those decisions landed you in the greatest possible outcome ever and you thank your lucky stars for that chance, some of those decisions make you want to crawl into a hole and go into hibernation (like, why on Earth did I waste so many years with that guy?!), but alas, they were learning experiences and made you who you are today. No struggle is too big or too small to get hung up on, we all have little nicks that hurt. 
The idea of the timeline is to move forward, and time spent idling over a smudge on your timeline means the gift of the present is also effected by that smudge. So not only did a mistake blemish your past, it's controlling your present, too! Double whammy. Ouch.
 But we're not down there, far down in the timeline, immersing in the past... we're up here! Hello! Right here. Hi:)
For the past several months, I've been going through slumps where I allow my past to dictate my present; mistakes that I made, paths I took, decisions I made, I've been going through the where would I be now if I did this differently? or who would I be today had I not chosen to do that? kind of questions. And, I don't know about you, but those what if questions are exhausting. I'm tired.
I have struggled to bury the past and to just forget about all my missteps and live in the now, but it's hard, I have to constantly remind myself that I'm perfectly imperfect and mistakes are a-okay and I am a human being. It's difficult to get out of those slumps and live completely in the present sometimes.
But today it happened, I found the way out for good, and I'll never turn back. 
I was in the Panera Bread parking lot this gorgeous and sunny Saturday afternoon. That's when it happened. An epiphany. My epiphany.

Bow Subscription Review for June 2018: Sweet Cheeks Shop

Saturday, June 9, 2018

My tiny Seattle mailbox receives little pink packages several times throughout the month, the packages are always filled with surprises that never fail to make me happy, like a pop of color to my day; from makeup glam bags to bow subscriptions, the pink packages always bring good cheer... and this week I received one of my favorites: baby bows!
So today, I'm reviewing the June 2018 monthly subscription bows from Sweet Cheeks Shop. Fellow Mom bow addicts might know about this shop, and if that doesn't include you, you're welcome! This is a great small shop for beginners to indulge in the world of bows. 
Sweet Cheeks Shop June 2018 bow review faux pink leather small shop toddler baby girl fashion fashionista model child

How To Meet The Band At A Concert For Free

Monday, May 28, 2018

I've met nearly every band I've ever watched live. Starting at age 16, I spent my evenings after school bussing tables at a local Italian restaurant so I could save up money for concert tickets and enough gas to make it to Atlanta and back. It was tough work, but those memories stick out to me more than anything, and it was absolutely worth it. One thing that I caught onto pretty quick was how easy it was to meet the band, from Blink-182 to Dashboard Confessional, Good Charlotte to The Offspring, Scott Weiland to Rancid, I've met countless musicians... and I've been doing it for nearly 15 years.
Andrew McMahon Pen and Piano tour bus after show how to meet the band punk groupie

I Took My First "ME"Cation and Here's How It Went!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

As most of you know, I took the plunge and went on vacation by myself this weekend. Announcing this event felt odd, like I was just waiting for someone to assume the worst, and it is, I must say... kind of an odd thing to do, a married mother of 2 vacationing alone. Weird. But, alas, I'm not exactly a typical person (at least I don't feel like I am!).
I left Seattle and headed to Portland on a Friday afternoon. Now, a roadtrip for me means loud music, windows down, and lots of lip syncing... but this trip was different already, as it occurred on my brother's birthday, and if you don't know what happened to my brother, you'll learn eventually.
So I was on the open road, just me and the 405, but instead of jamming out to Rage Against The Machine & Michelle Branch (so hardcore, right?), I spent most of my drive in silence. There was a stillness in the air; a warm, glowing, nostalgic feeling... I felt peace. I allowed my thoughts to flow as I watched the white and yellow road markings pass, I thought about all kinds of people and events and memories, I thought about how I seemingly drown out my thoughts with music when I feel busy & stressed, and how nice it was to feel free of responsibility, and that now I could finally meditate on my thoughts.

Oh darling... let's indulge, shall we?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

I am knee deep in my very first "ME"cation and all I can think is- so this is what it feels like to unwind. I haven't felt this kind of hush + tranquility ever in my life. I needed this.
As I sit in my balcony suite in downtown Portland, overlooking the piers + bridges that connect Portland together as one, I am is awe at how peaceful, relaxing, and serene life is at this moment. You see, I have not given myself a break in my entire span of motherhood. I've had a few hours downstairs alone, yes, I've taken vacations with just my husband, yes, I've left the house alone many times for a Target haul, sure... but those are small and timed increments where I am certain the I will be needed any minute now, where I can sit but not rest.
So here I am in downtown Portland in my luxury suite, alone... with only my thoughts, a cool breeze, and my peace of mind.
downtown portland waterfront luxury balcony suite view mecation nighttime cityscape

Why I'm Taking A "ME"Cation

Saturday, May 19, 2018

This weekend I'm doing something for the first time in my life, something that is a little out of the ordinary and well deserved— I'm taking a "ME"Cation. A MeCation is a trip you take all by yourself... a time to breathe, reflect, enjoy the things you love, and focus on giving yourself the self-love and self-care you need.
mother milf wife baylage blogger mecation gorgeous self love selflove selfcare care take time for yourself

My Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I slept in, woke up to breakfast in bed, opened gifts, got my nails done, got a massage, had a picnic lunch, and now I'm relaxing in the sunshine. This has been such a relaxed and loving Mother's Day, what a special day ♥️
mom stay at home momma baylage sundress mother mother's day milf

Friday I leave for my Mother's Day vacation, I can't stop thinking about it! I booked a riverfront luxury suite in downtown Portland for 3 days, chose the absolute best vegetarian restaurants Portland has to offer, and I have my Andrew McMahon concert ticket for Saturday night at the famous Hawthorne Theatre... it's going to be amazing! Best Mother's Day week ever! Also, best husband ever for planning all this for me!! He gets all my sugar!
To anyone who's never played the role of a Mom, no matter the circumstances... Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I've been a lot of things in my life- a waitress, a college student, an art studio director, a social media manager, a retail associate, a real estate broker, a library volunteer, a technology sales guru (RIP Circuit City); but the hardest, most challenging and toughest job I've ever had... is being a Mom.

Mom Blurb

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I was just putting Ava down for bed, she is now sleeping 12 hours a night, which is a major milestone for parents. As I was running my fingers through her thin blonde hair and watching her eyes as they grew heavy, I began thinking about how I sometimes looked forward to her sleeping through the night, and how exhausting it was to get up 2-6 times throughout the night at the drop of a pin. But tonight, I realized, those nights are over; I will never get up around the clock to feed my baby again, and now that it's here, now that we're at that point... I can't believe how fast it came, and to be truthful, I am heavy-hearted knowing that the longest nights are behind me. Those long nights also mean long days, long cuddles, long feedings, which is some of the greatest bonding experience in the world. I love being a Mother.
When you see new moms out grocery shopping with a crying baby, or pushing their jogging strollers around the park with big sunglasses on to hide their tired eyes, you might think to yourself-- I bet she's tired, or I know she's stressed! You're right. We are. But what you don't see is when we don't have to "be on" for the public, we can put on our PJs and lay in the floor bra-less with our baby, playing with stuffed giraffes, singing, and brushing their hair, experiencing love in its truest form. Our tiny, helpless babies need us so much in the beginning, and at times those days seem endless, and you may find yourself yearning for just one single night of good sleep, or wanting to eat just one meal without worrying about anything else but how good that Taco Bell is right here right now... but to be honest, and as cliche as this sounds, those tiresome days fly by faster than you could ever fathom, they really do, and when they're over, they're over... and you'll wonder why you wanted it to rush by.
I have carried my last baby, I have nursed my last newborn, I have made it through my final 'first year'... and I would do it over again and again to be able to hold this little baby bunting, who stares up at me with her big blue eyes, I would do it again and again and again and again.

Take Your Child To Work Day 2018 at Google

Friday, April 27, 2018

Yesterday was National Take Your Child To Work Day, and it marked our 6th year of participating in Google's Take Your Child To Work Day at their campuses. Every year, Google does something special for the mini-Googlers so they can get hands on in the world of technology, science, math, and teamwork; the company is truly family-friendly and they host events all throughout the year for Googler kiddos. We always look forward to this one, I even check Delilah out of school for it. I think it's important to see and experience what real life is like, and where Daddy spends his day at, there are plenty of valuable lessons to be learned that can't be taught in the classroom.

Quiet Time In LA? Beach Please!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

If you find yourself in LA and want to get away from the chaos and people but enjoy the beach, there's a cute, quiet, seaside little niche wedged between Venice and the airport called... Marina Del Rey.
 I have a lot of love and nostalgia for Marina Del Rey, I think it's a very beautiful spot that many Los Angelinos overlook; I mean, it doesn't have major landmarks or Hollywood status, there's not really a "tourist destination" in it, honestly it's mostly residential and quiet... and I think that's what I love.
I first fell in love with Marina Del Rey when I decided to explore the LA Bike Path that leads from Culver City to Marina Del Rey. At the time, I had just moved to Culver City and was biking around and exploring my new stomping grounds; I came across this gigantic concrete river thing called "Ballona Creek" and started biking down it and realized "OMG this thing leads from my house to the ocean, I know what I'm going to be doing for the rest of my time here". And that's pretty much what I did a few times a weekI biked to the beach. Can you blame me?
Marina Del Rey Los Angeles California beach house lifeguard house sand blue sky la ca horizon beachlife saltlife salt hair don't care serenity beach scene beach please

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I just want to take a quick sec to say I'm sorry for the delay, I have battled (and defeated!) a super raunchy and exhausting cold; I'm a tough girl usually, but that cold was no joke. So sorry.
And now, without further ado, let's resume!

The Hollywood Sign Is My Spirit Animal, Here's How To Hike To It!

Friday, April 20, 2018

I will never forget the first time I hiked to the Hollywood Sign, it was a hike dreams were made of; I was unbelievably excited to see such a legendary icon up close + personal! I felt like I was going celeb-spotting at Mastro's Beverly Hills on a Friday nightI was guaranteed to see a famous figure.
While there are plenty of spots around LA to catch a glimpse of the famous 9 letters, there's only one way to get a view from behind it, and if you want a selfie with the LA skyline + the Hollywood Sign together, you'll need to get to this spotI will tell you how!
I hiked to the sign pushing my 4-year-old in the jogging stroller and totally not sure of what to expect, and what the hike ended up being was so much more than what I planned...
Mom and Daughter Hollywood Sign Hike Los Angeles California great view la CA west coast the hills

Why 4/20 Is A Meaningful Date And Why I Celebrate It Every Year

I sat here staring at this post for forever, wondering whether or not I should post this. My mind is racing. I've written a blog, erased it, closed it, returned days later... and here I am.
I haven't gotten too personal on here, but my heart is heavy and I'd like to share something.
This weekend marked the day of 4/20, and although this date means different things for different people... to me, it's the day my brother died.
Although it's been years since the accident, the pain and void, especially today, feel unbelievably raw and real.
Every year I write a tribute to my brother, and this is my first year with a blog, and what better place to share these feelings than here.

I still look for you.
Everywhere I go.
I look for your face, your smile, your eclectic style, your shaggy blonde hair, your charismatic persona, everything... as if you just ran away, as if we could just run into each other again, as if you're out there hiding somewhere, living a long happy life.
I'm still trying to find you,
And I'll never give up.
Every tall athletic boy I see hiding beneath a head of blonde locks, every boy playing guitar, every boy skateboarding with his friends,
I look to see if it's you.
But every time I look... it's not you.
And then I remember,
you are everywhere.
But I'll never stop looking.

I wrote that on the morning of April 20, 2018... Friday morning. I have spent the last 13 years trying to cope with my brothers death, trying to come to peace with it, trying to move forward, but I'm very much still pinned.
Have you ever had someone close to you pass, and you still look for them while you're out and about? Or maybe see someone that resembles them and you look closer to see if it's them? Or something reminds you of them and you intensely?
Death and mourning are both fascinating things with no timeline, rulebook, or guide; everyone handles death differently, I suppose we're all doing the best we know.

Happy 4/20, Andy, I love + miss you ♥️

My favorite beach in Los Angeles

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Phew, you guys! It's been a whirlwind of a week dancing around Los Angeles, I am just as in love with that city as ever. This trip was my first visit back to LA since we moved away 2 years ago, and even in that short amount of time, LA has grown and blossomed so much! I think the most substancial change is Santa Monica's face-lift... omg, it looks SO good there! We lived in Santa Monica for years during all the major construction by the Pier, and to finally see the finished product is astonishing... the Light Rail, the walkways to the beach, Tongva Park, the vintage lights strung along Colorado; it's picture perfect.
Walking through LA brings back a flood of wonderful memories, I loved my years there and loved raising my daughter by the beach. Of course, after visiting every beach there time and time again, you find the LA coast beach hidden gems. Though each beach in LA has its perks, from the drum-circles and skaters in Venice, to the tourists lined along the coast in Santa Monica, to the gorgeous cliffs of Malibu taking wave after wave in the surf; each beach is its own.
What makes a beach good? The truth is, it depends on who you ask.
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We're Going To California!

Monday, April 9, 2018

To kick off my website launch, Spring, and just to celebrate life in general, it's time for some Cali sunshine, Venice Beach Boardwalks, strolling Santa Monica, and palm tree lined streets... yes, LA, I'm looking at you!
I feel like I should have been born in California, when I'm there, I feel at home. Seriously, Los Angeles has a little bit of everything I love... from beaches, to shopping, to city lights, and glam nights!
Today we are flying to one of my favorite places on Earth, a place I called home for 7 beautiful years, a place that helped sculpt me into the woman I am today... see you soon, Los Angeles!
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happy girl!

I will have so many awesome things to share with you guys when I return! I know LA like the back of my hand, I've been to all the hot spots, dined in the finest restaurants, and bumped shoulders with A-Listers... I know what's hot, and what's not- this trip will be full of good food, my favorite hangouts, and some must-visit areas of LA for travelers.
See you soon! xoxo

Bow Subscription Review April 2018 - Little Poppy Co

Sunday, April 8, 2018

If I had to name the mother of bow subscriptions right now, the one everyone knows about and follows on Instagram, it would hands down be Little Poppy Co. With a massive 108K following on Insta, ads on every platform, and a pretty interactive group of followers, Little Poppy Co is the most well known bow subscription shop online.
Opening my mailbox each month and finding a little pink package inside is such a giddy feeling, I love opening up my bow subscription boxes every month and Little Poppy Co's is no exception.
April bows have arrived!
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My Husband Works Where?!

Friday, April 6, 2018

This happens to me often. I'll be filling out forms at a Doctor's office, or chitchatting with my hair stylist, or just having small talk with a mom at the park... and eventually my husband and our life gets brought up, leading to his field and career, and 99% of the time I get some kind of reaction when people discover his employer.
So yes, let me go ahead give you the big reveal.
My husband works for Google.

Bow Subscription Review: Sweet Cheeks Shop March 2018 Bows

Monday, April 2, 2018

     I have scrolled through hundreds of Instagram pictures seeking new and upcoming bow shops, and Sweet Cheeks Shop was one that really popped out when I first began my journey into bows. Their monthly bow subscription archive was impressive and so I gave it a whirl starting November 2017; I received December's bows around mid-late November and loved what I found... plaids and eggnogs and reds, oh my!
     When January's bows arrived, I was a little disappointed in the variety and cancelled my subscription... only to have MAJOR regrets after seeing their next month's bows. And the next months. And finally I resubscribed!
     That's the beauty of bow subscriptions, you never know what you're going to get... and when you follow a shop, and watch them grow, and see their creativity spark— you will probably love what you see!
By the way, if you're looking for a way to organize your bows, I have a free DIY Bow Organizer Tutorial here.
     For April, Sweet Cheeks Shop completely nailed Spring with delicate sweet lace, a burst of bright yellow, and a fresh mint suede with pops of gold... so much yes!
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Bow Subscriptions - What Are They And Why Are Girl Moms Signing Up?

Friday, March 30, 2018

 Hi, my name is Adrienne, and I'm a bow addict.
 Seriously though, I think I may have a problem.
 When my first daughter was born, I was extremely frugal and practical, she wore hand-,me-downs and clearance clothes her first few years, while I collected Pampers codes and baby food coupons as a side gig.
 Cue baby #2.
 Whole different world!
 By the time I found out I was having a girl, I had a small shops working hard making newborn bows for me, Etsy sellers crocheting newborn hats, and majestic knit fabrics flying in from England for me to make handmade baby blankets with... I did not care how much it cost, this was my littlest baby girl, and likely my last baby, she was getting spoiled! Bring forth the fountain of handmade bows.
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Baby Monthly Milestone Blankets

Friday, March 23, 2018

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If you've had a friend welcome a baby into the world lately, or have searched Instagram for #cutebaby then you've probably seen them... large blankets draped across the floor with numerals 1-12 printed on them, with a bouncing baby laid across and a marker pointing at one of the numbers.  They are called Milestone Blankets, and although they're pretty much all over social media, it is with reason...

Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Ideas: Spring Edition!

     Spring is in the air! I absolutely love this time of year... decorating my home with bright colorful flowers and clean fresh colors always puts me in a joyful and lively state of mind. I use Spring as a time to deep clean and declutter, then revamp with a clean slate of both house and mind, I highly recommend it!

     Since my last blog post was all about the month-to-month baby milestone blankets, I thought why not make a Part Deux: Spring Edition!

spring flower garland baby monthly milestone blanket month to month marker ideas inspo inspiration
Olive Wreath with Flower Garland


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Hey guys, welcome to my blog!
I've dreamed of making a place of my own for so long, and it's finally here... I'm ecstatic!
I've stayed so busy planning blog posts, fun crafts, tutorials, hauls, and little blurbs about life; I hope you enjoy my little piece of the internet cake over here:) I always welcome comments and suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime.

I just wanted to do a quick intro into who I am, just a quick run down, so without further ado...

My name is Adrienne, I'm a Millennial stay-at-home-mom, I've got 2 beautiful girls and am married to a Google engineer; life gets crazy, in a really good way! I grew up in Georgia, then moved to Los Angeles for 7 years, and now I call Seattle home (for now!).

I've modeled in Hollywood, designed clothing on Etsy, and sold real estate in Beverly Hills... I've dipped my toes in many waters:)

My favorite things to do are design and sew little girls clothing, design and update rooms in my house, create and craft fun projects... and I absolutely love to clean and decorate my home. I have lots of easy home decor projects planned for you guys, around-the-home tutorials, Mom advice, and random ideas and tips that I've picked up along the way.
My side interests are makeup, fashion, traveling, and of course - writing! So if you're into any of those, stay tuned... we travel quite a bit, and my husband travels even more, so I have quite a bit of luggage to unpack for you travelers.

Thank you so much for joining me on my journey, stay golden 💛

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